Zebra Blind or Double Roller Blinds


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One of the latest kinds of window blinds introduced in Pakistan is Zebra Blinds which attracts the people who’re more interested in innovation. This new generation of roller blinds has just been introduced and architects and designers tend to use them in modern interiors due to it’s beauty and durability and easy repairing. So why not become the first to avail such a great deal? Only Stylish Blinds can provide a good range of designs in Zebra¬†Blinds including Blackout and Jacquard patterns never before introduced in Pakistan.

Check out this great illustration of Zebra Blinds in Livin Blinds!

Below are the exclusive Zebra Blinds patterns by Stylish Blinds

img_8922 img_8921 img_8920 img_8919 img_8918 img_8917 img_8916 img_8915 img_8914 img_8913 img_8912 img_8911 img_8910 img_8909 img_8908