Young Family House

Today I want to present some amazing ideas for a small family with one child only which meet all the basic requirements as well and yet provide a wonderful interior. Below pictures show ¬†modern kitchen with shelves which are opened rather than heavy cabinetry. Sofa can be converted into double bed to let the guests Read more about Young Family House[…]

Girls Bedrooms

Pink was once the color which seemed to be dedicated to girls bedrooms but that era has gone now. Now the rooms, either of boys or girls, are decorated according their personality, lifestyle and age group. Pictures below are some of the good examples of creative and most beautiful ideas by the famous architects in Read more about Girls Bedrooms[…]

An OLD+NEW Style Interior

Today I came to see an interior with no match out there. The great architecture has used his mind to create an awesome color contrast and matching. The sofas, chairs, tables and other furniture apparently looks quite old but yet the newest style. Wooden wall paneling and bamboo style furniture has been intellectually used with Read more about An OLD+NEW Style Interior[…]