A Bit of History

Let us today show you the glimpse of evolution in the furniture decoration. The pictures below are from the cover pages of IKEA, Swedish furniture giant since 1951.You will enjoy the post even if you are not an IKEA enthusiast. This shows how ideas have evolved since 1951.

27 29 50 55 f40 IK IK2 IK3 IK4 IK5 IK6 IK7 IK8 IK9 IK10 IK11 IK12 IK13 IK14 IK15 IK16 IK17 IK18 IK19 IK20 IK21 IK22 IK23 IK25 IK26 IK28 IK29 IK30 IK31 IK33 IK34 IK35 IK36 IK37 IK38 IK39 IK41 IK43 IK45 IK47 IK51 IK52 IK53 IK54 IK56 IK57 IK58 IK59 IK60 IK62 IK64 IK65 IK66 IK67 IK363 v24 v32 v42 v44

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