Cute and Stylish Spaces Under 50 square meters

Here’re the 50 square meter spacec easily and beautifully livable for the whole family. We show two small homes which are intelligently and beautifully designed to turn a small space into stylish apartments.


The first one is measures only 28 square meters but because of tall ceiling, 3.1 m, the space and area looks larger. This Bulgarian style apartment includes small living area, kitchen, ample storage space and a bedroom. The natural color touch makes us feel comfortable, easy and shows a beautiful atmosphere inside.


yellow-eames-kitchen-chair-600x600 yellow-eames-chair-600x600 yellow-brick-backsplash-600x720 yellow-accent-wall-600x720 white-tile-kitchen-600x338 romantic-bedroom-design-600x600 white-bathroom1-600x600 small-bathroom-600x780 simple-sconces-600x338 simple-elegant-bathroom-sink-600x780 black-kitchen-island-600x600 bright-teal-sofa-600x633 quilted-headboard-600x450 open-loft-floorplan-600x338 neutral-bathroom-design-600x780 creative-tile-floor-600x720 cozy-living-room-600x600

This one is for a family of 4 persons and is constructed on 42 square meter space, interconnecting dining area, living area and small kitchen. The home is well decorated with crafty stuff and interior products.

Private areas include a master bedroom and kids room with natural these and small play area.

artsy-bedroom-600x360 bedroom-design-600x361 black-yellow-kitchen-600x720 brick-wall-design-600x360 coat-organizing-600x481 colorful-backsplash-600x481 dark-red-wood-floor-600x481 exposed-brick-design-600x481 glass-light-fixtures-600x481 green-towels-600x481 nautical-theme-kids-room-600x481 navy-blue-love-seat-600x481 sailboat-wallpaper-600x481 simple-white-dresser-600x481 sweet-kids-room-600x481 tiled-bathroom-600x481 tree-design-tile-600x481 wall-clock-600x481 (1) wall-clock-600x481