Girls Bedrooms

Pink was once the color which seemed to be dedicated to girls bedrooms but that era has gone now. Now the rooms, either of boys or girls, are decorated according their personality, lifestyle and age group. Pictures below are some of the good examples of creative and most beautiful ideas by the famous architects in the world.

1-nursery-girls-bedroom-1-700x272 1-nursery-girls-bedroom-3-700x466 2-little-girls-bedroom-1-700x468 2-little-girls-bedroom-4-700x786 2-little-girls-bedroom-5-700x479 2-little-girls-bedroom-8-700x513 3-preteen-girls-bedroom-13-700x816 3-preteen-girls-bedroom-14-700x272 3-preteen-girls-bedroom-15-700x526 3-preteen-girls-bedroom-18 3-preteen-girls-bedroom-22-700x440 4-teen-girls-bedroom-41 4-teen-girls-bedroom-61-700x465WOW! Can you believe it? From a kid to preteen to teenage to a mature girl, there are awesome examples here any many more out there. Although most of them are pink colored supported as pink is attributed as a girls color always.


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