Outdoor Sitting Areas

Outdoor areas and rooms are not a new concept but in this era of continuous innovation, architectures are required to present something distinctive and unique. The thing that could describe the whole interior and that can show the mastery of the designer. Now a day too much importance is given when designing and outdoor room or area and external spaces have to be very carefully utilized. Below is an example of

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outThe living and dining area in the images are open plan with a very large space which is well utilized to be called a space inside a large space. The kitchen and food preparation areas have been made the part of complete structure.

With an only coffee table just opposite the beautiful and chilled pool, the carved stone wall and a fireplace the color is contrasted with using navy and white which shows a very good matching of patterns.

Outdoor2 Outdoor-Living-with-Sunken-Lounge-orange-seating-lounges-undercover-with-views-of-garden-600x398 Outdoor-Living-with-Sunken-Lounge-views-to-main-living-quarters-600x398 stylish blihnds Window blinds

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