Zebra Blinds – The key window treatment for modern interiors

Choosing window treatments can be a very difficult task for a homeowner. Different questions may arise in mind and make the decision even more difficult. The window blinds must fit the interior decor combination as well as good looking from the outside. They should be easy to clean and maintain and repairing should be easy and not that costly.

Zebra Blinds is rather a latest solution to modern interiors and good answer to the above questions and offer a very decent, beautiful and modern look to any interior. Some of the biggest advantages are its durability, low maintainance cost and option to allow light or completely block light from outside.


This is basically 2 in 1 blinds which has the single fabric set in such a way that it looks like two roller blinds back to front. But this single fabric can be either blackout, light filtering or dim out fabric. The fabric can be moved with the chain to allow specific amount of light or completely block it incase the fabric is blackout.

The stylish pelmet above and matching fabric inside give it a awesome look and offers a perfect alternate to curtain or other kind of blinds
We, at Stylish Blinds, are glad to introduce the best quality fabric including blackout fabric for the first time in Pakistan. The patterns, designs and textures are totally different from the ongoing but rather an old trend.