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Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds
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The new generation of blinds includes roller blinds. This type of blinds is now gradually introducing itself in the market with a great impact due to small number of components used for operation. Choose from our collections of classic, blackout and patterned fabrics. Classic designer roller blinds featuring a superb mid-weight fabric which gently filters the light. Superior components and fittings are used throughout this range, ensuring many years of trouble free operation.


A).Sun-Screen Fabric

This is the most beautiful and mostly demanded fabric in the market. As the purpose of this fabric is cleared by it’s name.

Let us let you know that this special fabric has a superb quality to let the light pass a little through it and let you see out side but protects you from being side from outside.

Quality of our sun-screen fabric can be predicted by its following specialties:

1.Visible transmitter:
Different colors will course the different visible transmittance.

2.Openness factor:
Tendency to reflect sunlight. Higher the percentage lower the reflection is.

3.Heat Observance:
Heat is absorbed by the fabric, due to it’s such making.

4.Luminance factor:
Shows visible light when reflected.

Capability to reduce the flame.

B) Black-out Roller Blinds

This kind of blinds is usually used in offices where sunlight has to be blocked. It provides complete privacy and a great look. A large range of colors is available in Black out Roller blinds to match any interior. Its also used in bed rooms and sitting rooms usually behind the curtains.

C) Motorized Roller Blinds

In order to provide hassle free facilities to our customers, Stylish Blinds is providing tabular motors for roller blinds with 38mm tube. Want to control the movement of your blinds with the help of just remote control, our motorized roller mechanism is definitely your best choice.

Below are exclusive Roller Blinds patterns by Stylish Blinds


Black-Out Roller Blinds Fabric

img_8955 img_8954 img_8953 img_8950 img_8957 img_8949 img_8948 img_8947 img_8946 img_8945 img_8944 img_8943 img_8942 img_8941 img_8940 img_8939 img_8938 Sunscreen Roller Blinds Fabricimg_8937 img_8936 img_8935 img_8933 Jute Roller Blinds Fabricimg_8931 img_8930 img_8929 img_8928 img_8926